Portable blood analyzer
Project Description

Blood analyzers are devices which estimate the amount of total white blood cells(WBC) and its differentials, red blood cells(RBC), platelet, haemoglobin concentration(HGB).etc in a blood sample using computer-program-aided algorithm.
Traditional methods for hematology analysis have long been cost and time-consuming due to the sophisticated procedures and qualifications from a well registered medical organizations.
A portable blood analyzer is now proposed to be easy-to-use that does not require a medical staff to perform blood test and will serves as a high-efficient blood analyzer that can be implemented in a Point Of Care (POC) setting, easily accessible to client. This devise can also provide Peace of Mind (POM) to patients and an early stage diagnosis.

LAM David Chuen Chun
Course type
Applicant's Roles

• Mechanical Design via Solidwork/Fusion360/ Autocad
• Software framework Design via Matlab/ Python/ C++ customised software
• Electrical circuit/electronics design

Applicant's Learning Objectives

- Learn how to design a medical machine in point-of-care approach
- work as a team via thoughts sharing, discussion and analysis

Complexity of the project