Projects on International Trade, Innovation, and Corporate Finance
Project Description

1. Go Public, Go Abroad? The Impact of IPO Suspensions on Firm Export
We study how sudden IPO suspensions affect firms' export decisions. By comparing firms that marginally go public on time with those approved but delayed to go public, we identify the causal impact of access to external equity finance on firms' participation in the global market.

2. Interrupting Global Production Network: Evidence from the Entity List
The Entity List imposed by the U.S. federal government prohibits any export transactions with the firms on the list. We study how firms change their export strategies in response to such sudden interruptions in their global production networks.

GONG Robin Kaiji
GONG Robin Kaiji
Course type
Applicant's Roles

1. Data collection and clean;
2. Preliminary analysis;
3. Review of literature and institutional background.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

1. The RA will learn about the process of conducting academic research;
2. The RA will learn the techniques in data collection/construction and get familiar with some most commonly used datasets;
3. I will communicate with the RA group once a week. In addition to discussing research progress, I will introduce the basic concepts in the related research.

Complexity of the project