Remotely-operated Underwater Robots for Pipe/ocean Exploration
Project Description

We propose to build a remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV), to check the pipelines for chemical engineering industry, and to investigate the geology and marine resource in the sea water in Hong Kong area. The students will apply this UROP project individually but will form a team to design a ROV targeting the collection of high quality filming under water. The ROV consist of at least the following components: aluminium body, motor and thrusters, on-board computers and peripherals, a lighting system and a video camera. The students will focus on the maneuverability, speed, and modularity of the ROV, in a cost-effective manner. Commitment of at least 2 continuous semester are required. The student are expected to design and manufacture a prototype within the time frame.

LUO Zhengtang
LIU Yuanshuai
Course type
Applicant's Roles

1. To design a remotely operated underwater vehicle.
2. To make a prototype that are capable of underwater filming, but at the same time high thrust, small size, and precise positioning.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

1. To work with a team of members from different background.
2. Principles to handle an engineering project.

Complexity of the project