Route planning for multiple robots
Project Description

Imagine a big warehouse with hundreds of shelfs for storage and a few receiving counters for incoming packages. Imagine you want mobile robots to perform the tasks for you: pick up the incoming packages and put them in their destined shelfs. Now, in order to maximise the throughput, how many robots should you have? How do you plan their routes that are efficient and at the same time do not lead to congestion and deadlocks? Would it be better off for them to plan their routes by themselves? If you like challenging and practical problems, this may be for you. You’ll be provided with a simulator for the environment, and depending on your interests and expertise, you can make use of production systems, planning, machine learning and reinforcement learning in this project.

LIN Fangzhen
Course type
Applicant's Roles

Have knowledge in AI. Best if you have taken COMP3211.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

Apply AI to a practical problem.

Complexity of the project