Serving as Docents in Yimtintsai (鹽田梓) Art Festival to study the Relationships between Heritage Preservation, Modern Art Installation and Tourism Development
Project Description

This project aims to guide students to investigate a Hong Kong Government tourism development policy of implementing Art Festival as a model for developing international tourism on Yimtintsai (???) Island, the home of a Hakka village and a popular heritage site of Hakka culture and Catholicism in Saikung. Students will receive training to serve as docents for the up-coming Yimtintsai Art Festival to be held in November and December. By participating in 3 docent training sessions and serving as docents in the art festival, students collect research data to examine selected issues about the relationships between Heritage Preservation, Contemporary Art Installation and Tourism Development and community revitalization.

Course type
Applicant's Roles

Students will be required to join 3 docent training sessions during October and November and serve as docents in the Yimtintsai Art Festival in December. They will conduct interviews with local villagers, officials, artists and tourists to learn the views of different stakeholders. With their collected data and experiences, they will work with the supervisors to develop their specific research topics and undertake analysis about relationships between heritage preservation, contemporary art installation and tourism development. Schedule of training sessions: (1) Date: Sept 29 (Tue) Time: 19:00-21:30 Venue: Online meeting Contents: Briefing on Yimtintsai Art Festival and artworks; docent skills training (2) Date: Oct 9 (Fri) Time: 19:00-21:30 Venue: Online meeting Contents: Heritage of Hakka culture and Catholicism; docent skills training (3) Date: Oct 17 (Sat) Time: 10:00-17:00 Venue: Yimtintsai Island Contents: On-site practices of docent skills, Docent Certificate Examination Serving as a docent for artworks and local heritage on Yimtintsai Island for at least 5 days during the 2nd Yimtintsai Art Festival. Schedule of Yimtintsai Art Festival: Date: November and December Venue: Yimtintsai Island and Saikung Town

Applicant's Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this project, students are expected to be able to do the following: 1 Explain the factors affecting the development of cultural industry in relation to art and heritage tourism 2 Analyze the pros and cons of government policies and conditions of their implementation concerning the development of cultural industry 3 Develop cross-cultural sensitivity and social awareness toward community revitalization projects 4 Relate interdisciplinary knowledge for solving real world problems 5 collect multi-media data in fieldwork about different stakeholders' interaction 6 Enhance teamwork ability and interpersonal communication

Complexity of the project