Smart Cushion
Project Description

One of the focuses of our sustainable campus should be the working and study qualify of our university members. As the most common posture is sitting in front of a desk during our campus life, most people sit down for terribly long periods of time, while the current pandemic situation worsens it even more. Long-time sitting and the improperly sitting posture could result in fatigue, low working efficiency and bring harm to our health gradually. It is smart to have a mechanism to maintain a healthy sitting habit and protect our spine and body. Combining our previously patented soft sensor technology and sensor fusion AI technology, the students will assist researcher to develop a smart cushion system to monitor and learn our sitting habits and present us with stand-up reminders (vibration of the cushion), posture advice, and tailored stretching guidance through smartphone or computer.

YU Hongyu
Course type
Applicant's Roles

Assisting Postgraduate researchers to develop prototype and build circuits and cellphone apps.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

1, Learning advanced manufacture
2, Perform circuit design
3, Perform app and algorithm design for the siting posture analysis

Complexity of the project