SPH particle method for predicting fluid-structure interaction
Project Description

In many engineering applications, the forces exerted by a fluid flow on the confining solid boundaries do not modify significantly the geometry of the boundaries. In these cases, the fluid flow can be studied as occurring within rigid boundaries, and the forces applied on the solid boundaries can be obtained after the characteristics of the fluid motion have been determined. On the other hand, whenever the characteristic times of the motion of the fluid flow and of the solid boundaries are comparable, it is necessary to couple the dynamics of the two media. In this project, we focus on the SPH method for predicting fluid-structure interaction.

FU Lin
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Applicant's Roles

Use SPH particle method to predict fluid-structure interaction.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

Get familiar with the particle-based SPH method and be able to deploy SPH for simulating fluid-structure interaction.

Complexity of the project