Spreadsheet Error Detection
Project Description

Spreadsheet is one of the most widely-used end-user development tools nowadays. It is used by a large number of end-users to perform financial calculations in global enterprises. Nowadays spreadsheets are mostly developed by end-users instead of professional programmers. Studies show that over 90% of spreadsheets contain errors. In some cases, these errors can lead to over 100 million US dollars of difference from the actual values.
Students of this project will help analyse the spreadsheets and corresponding emails released by a global enterprises. They will help prepare experimental subjects and develop analysis tools in Java, Python or Go. Interested students are encouraged to take a look of a presentation downloadable at http://sccpu2.cse.ust.hk/castle/materials/Custodes.4.pdf .

CHEUNG Shing Chi
Course type
Applicant's Roles

Students should have good knowledge in Excel, Java programming and data clustering. They will need to pick up existing analysis techniques for spreadsheets, and help carry out the associated experiments.

Pre-requisite: This project requires proficiency in Java programming and the usage of advanced spreadsheet features. Applicants must have taken COMP2012 and preferably COMP3021. Applicants without taking COMP2012 will unlikely be considered.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

This project aims to achieve the following objectives:

- To learn how to characterize the errors commonly found in spreadsheets.
- To learn how to carry out empirical experiments on spreadsheets.
- To learn new spreadsheet analysis techniques.

Complexity of the project