Structural Model creation of Trees using Structure from Motion (SfM)
Project Description

Trees are characterized by interesting structural features which produce an efficient overall structural behavior. As a result, trees are able to survive substantial wind loading. To study the structural behavior of trees a structural analysis model is necessary. However, the geometric complexity of a tree (because of the system of roots, trunk, branches, and leaves) gives rise to difficulties and time-cost to build such a model manually. This project aims to build a three-dimensional tree model using a photogrammetric range imaging technique called “Structure from Motion” (SfM). A general understanding of both physical and mechanical properties of tree will reveal the wind-withstanding strategies developed by trees and may shed light on how to improve structural designs.

Course type
Applicant's Roles

The students will
(1) take pictures or video of tree using camera or drone;
(2) create 3D tree structural model in engineering simulation software.
(3) perform structural analysis using simulation software.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

Through this project the students will be able to
(1) explain why tree are efficient in resisting wind loading
(2) create complex structural model in engineering simulation software.

Complexity of the project