Study of Flexible Wing Kinematics of a Free-Flying and/or Controlled-Flying Dragonfly
Project Description

This project aims to study 3-Dimensional (3D) wing kinematics of a dragonfly (free-flying or controlled-flying) for designing micro air vehicles. Optical probing techniques will be used to measure the flexible wings kinematics during flapping of a dragonfly. The effect phase between the pair of forewings and flexible hind wings will be studied. Effect of wing flexibility on aerodynamics and vortex flows formation will be investigated. The kinematic parameters such as the wing tip trajectory, angle of attack and camber deformation were obtained from a 3D reconstruction technique that involves the use of fine grid projection for 3D profile measurements. High speed flow visualization and particle image velocimetry techniques will be used in the measurements.

QIU Huihe
Course type
Applicant's Roles

1. Design and construction of high speed visualization system for dragonfly measurements.
2. Use 3D optical probing techniques in the measurements.
3. Calculate the 3-Dimensional (3D) wing kinematics of a dragonfly (free-flying or controlled-flying)
4. Plot and Analyze the flying dragonfly

Applicant's Learning Objectives

1. Learn how to measure the wing kinematics of a flying dragonfly
2. Learn how to measure the aerodynamics of a flying dragonfly
3. Learn how to use advanced flow diagnostic tools, such as PIV, LDA.

Complexity of the project