A Study on the Principles and Implementations of Array Databases
Project Description

This project involves both theoretical and practical studies in database field. Scientific research has been shifting from being experiment-driven to being data-driven. However, due to the insufficient support in terms of both performance and functionalities from conventional DBMSs (Database Management Systems) to process scientific data, many research groups came up with new DBMS implementations which consider arrays as a first-class citizen.

NG Wilfred Siu Hung
NG Wilfred Siu Hung
Course type
Applicant's Roles

In this project, you will study the principles of array databases, which is a dedicated database model for scientific utilisation, by reading few papers, then you compare the performance of array processing systems by designing and running benchmarks in experiments.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

Learn how to do research including literature reading and report writing.
Acquire experience in designing experiments to compare different systems, and make analysing and coding real DBMSs.
More ambituous work would lead to potential publications in quality conferences/journals.

Complexity of the project