Synthesis of functionalized organic molecules
Project Description

Organic molecules with different functional groups are useful for a variety of application purposes. This project offers an opportunity for beginners to have hand on experience in a research laboratory to synthesize selected organic molecules, which may be used in the on-going projects. Students are also welcome to propose a molecule with specific functional group of their own interest for synthesis.

DAI Wei Min
DAI Wei Min
Course type
Applicant's Roles

Students are required to perform organic reactions in research laboratory together with a senior member. The work includes setting up and work up reactions, purification of reaction products by flash column chromatography, and characterization of the product structures by IR and NMR spectroscopic methods. At least one short report on the reaction results should be prepared.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

1. To learn to purify organic molecules by flash column chromatography;
2. To learn to perform organic reactions including setting up and work up;
3. To learn to characterize reaction products by spectroscopic methods;
4. To learn to analyze and present reaction results in short reports.

Complexity of the project