Understanding neuronal and molecular mechanisms defining behavioral individuality
Project Description

Animals’ behavior is drastically changed by experiences, although those changes are frequently varied among individuals. The central biological question we ask through this project is “why we can be so different, and how this diversity is produced?”. To observe the behavioral individuality of each animal, and to determine the neural and molecular basics of the behavioral individuality, the projects start from establishing a new paradigm, and proceed to the manipulation of neural circuit and the identification of the molecular mechanism from transcriptome analysis. Drosophila melanogaster will be used as a model organism, which allows us to dissect the neural circuit at single-cell resolution, and to determine the molecules required for the behavioral individuality.

HIRANO Yukinori
Course type
Applicant's Roles

Design 3D printing, crossing and handling Drosophila lines, video-recording, data analysis using tracking system, RNA-seq data analysis, QPCR, Western blot, Immunohistochemistry, dissection of brains (depending on the progress of projects)

Applicant's Learning Objectives

Animals’ behavior, cognition, neural circuit, and other basic biological methods

Complexity of the project