Universal scaling laws for droplet formation in capillary jets
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Capillary jets constitute one of the most canonical systems in fluid mechanics and play a central role in many industrial processes such as ink-jet printing and drug delivery. However, their natural instability characteristics have yet to be comprehensively explored. In this study, you will perform laboratory experiments to investigate the way in which a round capillary jet pinches off to form discrete droplets. Specifically, using high-speed imaging and MATLAB, you will quantify the natural frequency of droplet formation under a wide range of operating conditions, building up an extensive statistical database for subsequent analysis and data mining. Using physical insight and dimensional analysis, you will develop universal scaling laws for the natural frequency of droplet formation (the Strouhal number) in terms of the Bond number, the Reynolds number, the Weber number, and the Ohnesorge number, thereby uncovering new insight into the natural instability characteristics of capillary jets.

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