VLC-Reckoning: An Indoor Navigation Application that combines Visible Light Communication and Dead Reckoning
Project Description

Dead reckoning (DR) is a method of calculating position through the information of last known location and an estimate of speed and direction. A DR based navigation application can be developed on smartphones using built-in sensors e.g. accelerometer, compass and gyroscope. However, such an application suffers from limited accuracy as these sensors produce measurement errors which accumulate over time as the person moves farther from the first known location. Therefore, to improve the accuracy, a ground truth point is needed every few meters to correct the cumulative error. However, providing a reliable and accurate ground truth for correction is a challenging task. Visible Light Communication (VLC) is ideally suited for providing such ground truths as it uses LED lights as information beacons to continuously broadcast location data that can be captured by the smartphone camera. The ground truth provided by the light is very accurate due to the line-of-sight property of light i.e. VLC signal can only be captured by the phone when the person is standing under the light.

YUE Chik Patrick
Course type
Applicant's Roles

The students are expected to develop an indoor navigation application that combines DR approach with VLC. VLC camera based receiver SDK will be provided for both iOS and Android platforms. Open source libraries on DR can also be found online.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

1. Students will learn how to acquire sensors data from a smartphone and combine different signal processing SDKs to build an application for smartphone. 2. Students will learn how to develop a system and characterize its performance through carefully designed measurements.
3. Students will have chance to publish academic papers based on their work.

Complexity of the project