Who Becomes Venture Capitalists?
Project Description

Venture Capital (VC) plays a pivotal role in identifying and supporting high-growth entrepreneurship. However, the industry has been criticized as being too white male-dominated, at least in the US. The biased composition of venture capitalists could lead to biased funding opportunities. Despite the importance, we do not have a scientific understanding of who becomes venture capitalists and via what career path.

In this project, I use a list of MBA graduates from an elite business school to provide evidence. We will use professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn to track the graduates' career paths. Once we collect the data, we will use statistical tools to understand the patterns systematically.

KWON Ohchan
Course type
Applicant's Roles

Students are expected to read the career profiles of thousands of MBA graduates from an elite business school and codify key information. These key information include race, country of origin, names of universities graduated, names of employers before and after finishing MBA programs, etc. While we will use some automated tools to collect such information, some manual correction will be necessary.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

Students will learn how to collect and analyze data in a systematic and professional manner. This project would be interesting to students interested in careers in venture capital or consulting industry.

Complexity of the project