UROP Project Listing



Department Supervisor Project Title Opening Period
ACCT YOU Haifeng Investment Analysis with Machine Learning 2019-20 Summer - 2020-21 Spring
ACCT ZHENG Yue Information collection from annual reports of public companies 2020-21 Fall - 2020-21 Fall
DBM TAM Kar Yan Adoption of digital banking and insurance services in Hong Kong 2019-20 Summer - 2019-20 Summer
DBM TAM Kar Yan Comparing Hong Kong with other leading fintech centers in the world – a competitive analysis 2019-20 Summer - 2019-20 Summer
ECON LI Xuan Data collection and cleaning for topics in health and sports economics 2019-20 Spring - 2020-21 Fall
ECON LI Xuan Data collection and cleaning for topics in labor economics 2019-20 Spring - 2020-21 Fall
ECON LI Yao Firms in Globalization: Evidence from China 2014-15 Fall - 2020-21 Summer
ECON LIN Yatang The local impacts of BRI projects 2020-21 Spring - Ongoing
FINA BISETTI Emilio Trade Shows and Supply Chain Formation 2019-20 Summer - Ongoing
FINA GOYAL Vidhan Krishan Climate Policies and Cost of Financing 2020-21 Spring - 2020-21 Summer
FINA MACKAY Peter Corporate Risk Management Practices: Global Survey of BRICS-Country Firms 2014-15 Fall - Ongoing
FINA MACKAY Peter Risk-Management Duel: Financial vs Operational Risk Management 2019-20 Summer - Ongoing
FINA ZALDOKAS Alminas Analyzing CEO compensation contracts 2019-20 Spring - 2020-21 Spring
FINA ZALDOKAS Alminas Directorship appointments 2020-21 Fall - 2020-21 Fall
FINA ZALDOKAS Alminas Products, supply chains, and finance 2019-20 Summer - 2020-21 Spring
FINA ZHANG Chu Hong Kong IPO Market 2019-20 Summer - 2020-21 Spring
ISOM HUI Kai Lung Cryptocurrency price prediction 2020-21 Spring - 2020-21 Summer
ISOM KIM Yongsuk Crowd Invention Platform 2017-18 Fall - Ongoing
ISOM KOH Tat Koon Dynamics in Crowd-based Contests 2014-15 Fall - 2020-21 Spring
ISOM KOH Tat Koon Recommendation Systems Design 2020-21 Fall - 2020-21 Summer
ISOM KWOK James Sai Ho A Hybrid Chatbot Model for Students Advising using Deep Learning Approach 2018-19 Summer - 2019-20 Spring
ISOM KWON Ohchan Identifying Entrepreneurs' Storytelling Strategies Using Twitter Data 2020-21 Spring - Ongoing
ISOM LEE Dongwon On Identifying Antecedents and Consequences of Corporate Lobbying 2019-20 Summer - Ongoing
ISOM XU Yan The Development of Innovation and Technology Industry in Hong Kong 2019-20 Summer - 2020-21 Summer
ISOM YANG Yi Deep Learning NLP in finance 2018-19 Summer - Ongoing
ISOM ZHENG Rong Deciphering information from company earnings call 2020-21 Fall - 2020-21 Fall
MARK HELSEN Kristiaan E-commerce and the COVID-19 epidemic 2019-20 Summer - Ongoing
MARK HELSEN Kristiaan Luxury Marketing in Emerging Markets 2013-14 Summer - Ongoing
MGMT CHAO Melody Man Chi Environmental Psychology & Sustainability 2018-19 Spring - Ongoing
MGMT CHAO Melody Man Chi Multiculturalism, Social Judgments and Decisions 2010-11 Summer - Ongoing
MGMT CHAO Melody Man Chi Social perceptions, justice, and diversity 2018-19 Spring - Ongoing
MGMT CHO Ja Ee Responses to Globalization 2019-20 Spring - 2020-21 Fall