UROP Project Listing



Department Supervisor Project Title Opening Period
CIVL WANG Yu-Hsing Internet of Tree Things (IOTT) 2019-20 Fall - 2020-21 Spring
CSE CHAN Gary Shueng Han AI meets Big Data: User Analytics and Personalized Recommendation Based on Location Data 2017-18 Fall - 2020-21 Summer
CSE CHAN, Gary Shueng Han Indoor Localization and Mobile Computing 2012-13 Fall - 2020-21 Summer
CSE CHAN, Gary Shueng Han Video Analytics and RF People Sensing for Smart City and New Retail 2010-11 Summer - 2020-21 Summer
FINA BENZ Entela ESG Investing for Emerging Markets 2018-19 Fall - 2018-19 Summer
FINA BENZ Entela Physical Climate Risk for Investment Decision taking 2018-19 Fall - 2018-19 Summer
MAE QIU Huihe Human Comfort Sensing for Intelligent Building Technology 2014-15 Spring - 2019-20 Fall