UROP Project Listing



Department Supervisor Project Title Opening Period
MATH HU Yu Modeling neural circuit dynamics in whole-brain imaging data of larval zebrafish 2018-19 Fall - Ongoing
MATH HU Yu RNN for biological neural networks 2018-19 Spring - Ongoing
MATH IP Ivan Chi Ho Cluster Algebra 2019-20 Fall - Ongoing
MATH IP Ivan Chi Ho Quantum Groups 2019-20 Fall - Ongoing
MATH JIN Tianling Integro-differential equations: theory and applications 2016-17 Summer - Ongoing
MATH LEUNG Shing Yu Efficient Algorithms for Visualizing Dynamical Systems 2016-17 Spring - Ongoing
MATH LEUNG Shing Yu Efficient Numerical Methods for Dynamic Interface 2010-11 Fall - Ongoing
MATH LEUNG Shing Yu Numerical methods for solving PDEs on surfaces 2014-15 Fall - Ongoing
MATH XIANG Yang Numerical simulation of grain boundary motion 2019-20 Spring - 2019-20 Spring
MATH XIONG Maosheng Elliptic curves with full 2-torsion and distribution of 2-Selmer groups 2019-20 Spring - Ongoing
MATH XIONG Maosheng Lattice-based cryptography, pseudorandom functions and algebraic number theory 2019-20 Summer - Ongoing
MATH ZHANG Hai Some optimization problems 2019-20 Summer - 2019-20 Summer
MATH ZHANG Tong Research in AI and Machine Learning 2019-20 Fall - 2020-21 Spring
MGMT CHAO Melody Man Chi Environmental Psychology & Sustainability 2018-19 Spring - Ongoing
MGMT CHAO Melody Man Chi Multiculturalism, Social Judgments and Decisions 2010-11 Summer - Ongoing
MGMT CHAO Melody Man Chi Social perceptions, justice, and diversity 2018-19 Spring - Ongoing
MGMT CHO Ja Ee Responses to Globalization 2019-20 Spring - 2020-21 Fall
OCES LIU Hongbin Phytoplankton biomass and community composition in Hong Kong coastal waters 2018-19 Summer - Ongoing
OCES LIU Hongbin Study on the adaptation and physiological responses of Synechococcus isolates from different oceans 2019-20 Fall - Ongoing
OCES LIU Hongbin Time series observation of microbial community dynamics in Port Shelter 2017-18 Fall - Ongoing
OCES LIU Hongbin Water Quality Survey for Hong Kong's Marine Fish Farming Zone 2010-11 Summer - Ongoing
OCES MAK Julian Chaotic mixing 2019-20 Summer - Ongoing
OCES WYATT Alex Characterising coral reef function across anthropogenic gradients 2019-20 Summer - Ongoing
PHYS ALTMAN Michael Scott Fourier Optics 2019-20 Fall - Ongoing
PHYS ALTMAN Michael Scott The Geometry and Physics of Wrinkling 2019-20 Fall - Ongoing
PHYS ALTMAN Michael Scott Ultrahigh Vacuum System for Surface Science 2014-15 Summer - 2020-21 Summer
PHYS DU Shengwang Quantum Optics and Atomic Physics 2014-15 Spring - 2019-20 Spring
PHYS HAN Yilong Polycrystal-glass transition in 2D granular systems 2018-19 Fall - 2019-20 Summer
PHYS JO Gyu Boong Building an apparatus cooling and trapping Erbrium quantum gas 2016-17 Summer - 2020-21 Summer
PHYS JO Gyu Boong Machine learning aided detection of the quantum state in an atomic quantum simulator 2019-20 Spring - 2020-21 Summer
PHYS LI Jensen Tsan Hang Electromagnetic and acoustic metasurfaces 2018-19 Summer - Ongoing
PHYS LI Jensen Tsan Hang Time varying metamaterials 2019-20 Summer - 2020-21 Summer
PHYS LIN Nian Characterize single-molecule electronic properties using low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy 2012-13 Summer - 2019-20 Summer
PHYS LIN Nian Monte Carlo Simulation of 2D supramolecular assembly 2012-13 Summer - 2020-21 Summer
PHYS LIN Nian Quantum State Calculation of Two-dimensional Supramolecular Nanostructures 2012-13 Summer - 2020-21 Summer
PHYS LIU Junwei Application of machine learning in physics 2018-19 Fall - 2020-21 Fall
PHYS LIU Junwei First-principles calculations for real materials 2019-20 Fall - Ongoing
PHYS LIU Junwei Self-learning Monte Carlo with deep neural networks 2018-19 Summer - Ongoing
PHYS SMOOT George F. Setup of an automated telescope system as sensor testbench 2019-20 Spring - 2020-21 Spring
PHYS WANG Ning Atomically thin layered semiconductors and their spin-valley property 2018-19 Fall - 2019-20 Fall
PHYS WANG Ning Exciton Condensation in Bilayer Semiconductor Systems 2018-19 Spring - 2019-20 Fall
PHYS WANG Ning Quantum Oscillations in Low Dimensional System 2015-16 Summer - 2019-20 Fall
PHYS WANG Yi Stability analysis in general relativity 2020-21 Spring - 2020-21 Spring
PHYS WONG Kam Sing Charge generation and carrier diffusion in organic solar cells 2017-18 Fall - 2020-21 Summer
PHYS WONG Kam Sing Develop near-Infrared Spectroscopy system for photoluminscence and pump-probe measurments 2019-20 Fall - Ongoing
PHYS WONG Kam Sing Photoexcited Charge Generation and Recombination Dynamics in Perovskite Solar Cells 2015-16 Summer - 2020-21 Summer
PHYS WONG Michael Kwok Yee Neural Information Processing 2018-19 Spring - 2020-21 Spring
PHYS XU Qin Developing new particle tracking algorithm for large displacements 2019-20 Spring - Ongoing
PHYS XU Qin Dynamic Jamming and Flows of Dense Granular Suspensions 2019-20 Summer - 2020-21 Summer
PHYS XU Qin Fourier transformation rheology of complex fluids 2019-20 Spring - Ongoing