Info for Supervisors

UROP is open to applicants in all three semesters. Students work with a supervising faculty member on a research project offered by the faculty, or they may design their own research project with the consent of the faculty member assigned to supervise them.

All research faculty members at HKUST are welcome to become a UROP supervisor or co-supervisor. To submit research project(s), please go to the UROP Project Management System (log-in with your ITSC account name and password) to fill in the project details. Further information on how to access the system can be obtained from the Download Area (please look out for an e-mail announcement or refer to the UROP Schedule for the upcoming project submission period).

It is vital to any research project that students are provided with ample attention, guidance and quality supervision. Accordingly, each UROP supervising faculty member is permitted to supervise a maximum of five UROP projects and no more than 10 UROP students for UROP1000/1100/2100/3100/4100 combined in any single term, as the main supervisor and co-supervisor. Furthermore, supervising faculty members must arrange a minimum of one contact hour per week (preferably face-to-face) for each project with student enrollment. If two or more students are enrolled in a project, then group meetings are permitted.

Upon program completion, supervising faculty members must review the reports submitted by students and submit grades through the UROP Project Management System.

UROP Faculty Support Grant

To provide more funding support to faculty members who serve as UROP project supervisors, we are offering the UROP Faculty Support Grant of up to HK$10,000 per project to each supervisor, and a maximum amount of HK$30,000 per academic year. The Grant can be used for all research-related expenses (except for staff, travel and food) for the corresponding UROP projects. For more details, please download the application form here.

UROP Faculty Research Award

To encourage high-quality research, UROP supervising faculty members are welcome to nominate their students who exhibit excellent research performance to receive the Mr. Armin and Mrs. Lillian Kitchell Undergraduate Research Award. The supervising team of the winning students will be presented with the UROP Faculty Research Award. Please stay tuned to UROP Office's email announcement regarding the nomination details.

UROP Proceedings

Since 2009, abstracts from UROP students' research reports are extracted to compile the UROP Proceedings to showcase students' research achievements for each academic year. Proceedings from previous years can be viewed at the Download Area.

Ziyan CHEN
BBA in Economics

Although majoring in economics, I have had a passion for psychology since my first year of university. UROP gave me the precious chance to realize my dream of conducting empirical research in psychology. Influenced by my undergraduate research experience, I decided to apply to study psychology at graduate school and was admitted as an MPhil student in Social Science at HKUST. I recommend UROP to undergraduate students who either want to get some hands-on experience in research or who have been looking for opportunities to make changes in their lives.