UROP Project Listing System
Project Title:
design of energy conversion device from heat to electricity
Supervisor:CHEN Sherry
Co-Supervisor:CHEN Sherry
Project Description:This project is to design a thermoelectric platform for utilizing the ferroelectric materials to directly convert heat to electricity.
Course type: UROP1100 UROP2100 UROP3100  
Applicant's Roles:Working with the PG students, the applicant should study the principle and the mechanism of the energy conversion device, prepare the raw materials, be familiar with and be able to do the data acquisition, characterization and analysis. The applicant should also help with the design of the module for the optimal thermal transfer.  
Applicant's Learning Objectives:Understand the mechanism of the new energy conversion; Gain the hands on experiences on experimental design, data acquisition and analysis. 
Complexity of the project:Moderate 

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