UROP Project Listing System
Project Title:
Reinforcement Learning for Financial Trading
Supervisor:KWOK James Sai Ho
Project Description:Financial trading is about buying and selling of financial instruments in the hope of making a profit. Risk is the core part of financial trading, which needs to be managed and minimized. Reinforcement learning (RL) is a type of machine learning, in which software agents take actions in a given enviornment to maximize cumulative reward (also known as profit). This project is intended to apply RL for trading shares in an attempt to maximize the profit, and to minmize the risk.
Course type: UROP1100  
Applicant's Roles:- Literature review - Prototyping the proposed model in Python - Conducting experiments  
Applicant's Learning Objectives:- Experience how to conduct research - Examine proposed concepts or ideas with protptypes - Write up research document  
Complexity of the project:Moderate 

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