UROP Project Listing System
Project Title:
Proteomics Approach to Decipher Gravity Signaling in a Flowering Model Plant
Supervisor:LI Ning
Project Description:Gravity of earth is able to influence plant growth and development. The response of plants to gravity is called gravitropic response. The above ground part of plant grow away from the center of earth while the underground part such as root grows toward the center of earth. The key biological question is how plants respond to gravity at molecular level. What are the sensor and signaling components of gravity sensing? The project offered here is to elucidate the gravity sensing and signaling pathways using cutting edge PTM proteomics and systems biology approach.
Course type: UROP1100 UROP2100 UROP3100 UROP4100 
Applicant's Roles:Applicant needs to perform proteomics experiment and grow plant.  
Applicant's Learning Objectives:To acquire the hands-on experience on transgenic plant-making, protein chemistry and mass spectrometry analysis.  
Complexity of the project:Challenging 

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