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Project Title:
Development of CMS for the “Auditory and Speech Training App”
Supervisor:WOO Kam Tim
Project Description:In 2013 and 2014, a design team has already developed an android Apps Auditory and Speech Training App 「精靈小耳朵粵語語音辨別訓練」and Auditory and Articulation App「聰鳴語音工具箱」for hearing-impaired children and their parents. This is App version of a training kit to allow trainers /parents to perform training anytime, anywhere, including at home, with recording and monitoring of performance. In this project, we would like to extend the development to iOS / Android version. Meanwhile, we would like to build a Content Management System (CMS) for the database management, and enhancing the development for facilitating the design. The development includes User Interface for assessors in evaluating the recorded voice samples. The system will be tested by many users in verifying the correctness of recorded voice samples.
Course type:UROP1000 UROP1100 UROP2100  
Applicant's Roles:• Literature search of existing CMS system • Develop different prototypes with CMS system • Have a weekly meeting with supervisor and submit a weekly progress report • Work in a team in the development 
Applicant's Learning Objectives:• Understand the challenges and limitation of existing mobile applications • Develop some statistical modules in evaluating the behviour of assessors and the correlation of the voice samples. • Collaborate with team members in facilitating the team work development 
Complexity of the project:Moderate 

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