UROP Project Listing System
Project Title:
Role of RNA helicases in miRNA biogenesis
Supervisor:NGUYEN Tuan Anh
Project Description:The project will focus on understanding functions of RNA helicases in miRNA biogenesis. You will have chances to learn how to clone, express, and purify human RNA helicases from human cells. In addition, you also can perform some functional or biochemical assays to examine the enzyme activities and roles of RNA helicases in miRNA biogenesis.
Course type:UROP1000 UROP1100 UROP2100 UROP3100 UROP4100 
Applicant's Roles:- Designing and carrying out experiments. - Colleting and analyzing the data. - Discussing with lab members, reporting the results, and presenting the final report as oral presentation.  
Applicant's Learning Objectives:- Learning essential molecular techniques, such as cloning, mutagenesis. - Learning how to work with human cells such as cell culture, transfection, and extraction of cellular proteins. - Learning how to purify proteins. 
Complexity of the project:Moderate 

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