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Project Title:
Responses of Neurons to Different Sensory Inputs
Supervisor:WONG Michael Kwok Yee
Project Description:Our neural systems are bombarded by inputs from different channels: visual, auditory, vestibular (sense of balance) … When the inputs are consistent, our brains combine them to give a coherent picture of the environment. When the inputs are different, our brains differentiate that they are independent. We have obtained data from neurons in the monkeys’ brains from our collaborator, but surprisingly it shows many puzzling behaviors. We are interested in discovering the story behind.
Course type: UROP1100 UROP2100 UROP3100 UROP4100 
Applicant's Roles:The student will apply physics techniques to process data and use computers to extract interesting information from the data. 
Applicant's Learning Objectives:The student will learn about neural network models and find out how different types of neurons play different role in information processing. 
Complexity of the project:Challenging 

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