A De-Polarization System for Social Media
Project Description

Polarisation of opinions can lead to the building of echo chambers where users are less recipients to opposing opinions. Currently the social media algorithms are designed in a way that enforce personalisation and hence there is a tendency for the echo chambers to be built.

The focus of the project is to build a tool that can let users reach to the opinions that are of opposing viewpoints. The project would focus on using network based approaches to identify the echo chamber and lead users to the information otherwise not reachable.

Course type
Applicant's Roles

We would expect students to know any front end development such as Web, Mobile apps, or Browser extensions etc. Knowledge of python will also be useful.

1) Assist in developing the web/mobile modules .
2) Assist in visualization to represent the results.
3) Assist in quantitative analysis for the experimental results.

The students will be assisted by one or more lab members and they will have weekly meetings with them.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

• Opportunity to gain hands-on experience in Social Network Analysis and Machine Learning research
• Opportunity to tackle a challenging and novel problem that no one has solved before
• Opportunity for having a top-tier academic publication, depending on the quality and the amount of novel contribution of the project

Complexity of the project