Student Sharing


BBA in Marketing

Involvement in UROP was one of my best experiences at HKUST. It paved the way for me to define, approach, and conduct art history research. I not only gained knowledge and learning methodologies but also had the opportunity to engage with different ideas. My projects on modern Chinese literati paintings have inspired me to explore related issues more deeply in graduate studies. I love UROP because it is not just a course to be completed but has challenged and revealed what my next step will be.

CHEN Ziyan

BBA in Economics

Although majoring in economics, I have had a passion for psychology since my first year of university. UROP gave me the precious chance to realize my dream of conducting empirical research in psychology. Influenced by my undergraduate research experience, I decided to apply to study psychology at graduate school and was admitted as an MPhil student in Social Science at HKUST. I recommend UROP to undergraduate students who either want to get some hands-on experience in research or who have been looking for opportunities to make changes in their lives.

CHEUNG Yuen Man Kathy

BSc in Biochemistry and Cell Biology

The UROP Project was a valuable opportunity for me to have a taste of hands-on research. Life in laboratory is quite different from that in classroom. There were always unexpected problems that I had to solve independently. I realized troubleshooting is an essential quality that scientists must have. Fortunately, there were seniors who were friendly and willing to help. The universe is boundless and there are always mysteries challenging our knowledge. The most important lesson I have learnt is to work hard and stay humble.

CHOW Tsz Kiu Aaron

BSc in Mathematics

UROP provides a platform for undergraduate students to interact with professors and find an interested research project. An early taste of research would definitely be helpful to reveal your potential and know yourself better. More importantly, maturity in research can only be obtained through experience instead of from classrooms or textbooks. After two years’ experience of doing research as an undergraduate, I have realized two indispensable properties of being a researcher: the skill of looking for open problems which I would be able to solve and the ability to learn modern techniques from journal literatures.

DING Mucong

BSc in Physics and Computer Science

UROP provides me with a valuable opportunity to access challenging academic research at a very early time of the undergraduate life. It not only helps me learn and think beyond ordinary curriculum, but more importantly, improves my abilities on formulating suitable problems and solving them with my limited knowledge, all of which are essential skills of the future academic life. Discussion and collaboration with professors and group members is also a memorable experience, which urges me to convey my ideas coherently and precisely. Research experience has become more and more indispensable to undergraduates, because it is probably the fastest way to reveal their interests and reflect their abilities. UROP can be a good start for interested students.

GUO Wenshuo

BSc in Physics and Computer Science

Participating in UROP has been a great experience to me. UROP has given me golden opportunities to get engaged in a range of exciting research projects, design and conduct my own project with the help of my supervisor, learn how to write scientific report and present research work. I think the most important thing that I have gained from UROP is how to think creatively and independently. Doing research is not only a process of learning, but also a process of creating new ideas of your interests and realizing their potentials. It has been beneficial for me to learn new knowledge and apply them to do research at the same time in my undergraduate study.

LAM Ho Tat

BSc in Physics

UROP provided me with a golden opportunity to engage in research and learn from first-class researchers. The most important thing that I learned was how to ask a good question. True research is not about incessantly working, but about thinking and questioning. This research experience also provided me with the ability to pursue more advanced study and research. Research is a process of innovation and exploration, which is totally different from gaining knowledge from taking courses or reading books. Until you really get involved in it, you will never know what true research is and what real scientists do.

LIU Yuan

BSc in Chemistry

UROP provided me with an opportunity to participate in a real research project and delve into my major field of study. My understanding of chemistry is no longer restricted to textbook knowledge, but having been extended to more practical skills in experimental problem solving. Real life research also required me to cooperate with lab mates and communicate effectively with the project supervisor. This is the sort of experience rarely obtained in other courses. I strongly recommend that students should participate in this beneficial program. For freshmen, it will be a treasured opportunity to broaden their minds, and senior students will discover research interests upon which to base further study.

MAO Hongzi

BSc in Mathematics

I regard UROP as a bridge between curious undergraduate students and various research groups at HKUST. The experience I gained from UROP was very different from classroom learning. The knowledge gained from a lecture is like a static stream, while carrying out research requires active self-directed learning. I learned how to summarize the eight months of research in a short presentation and poster and to present ideas and models, to both experts and the public, in a comprehensive and interesting manner. In addition to giving me a huge advantage when applying to graduate school, the most important outcome is that this experience has unveiled my passion for research.

PRAWOTO Clarissa Cyrilla

BEng in Computer Engineering

UROP not only introduced me to research in the field of microelectronics, but also allowed me to experience what research is really like. It helped me to understand that research is much more than problem solving, allowing me to ask questions, understand problems, form a hypothesis and confirm it and develop communication skills. During the process I realized that research is a fascinating world at the forefront of technology, contributing to society by expanding our current understanding and knowledge. UROP was a rewarding experience during my undergraduate studies and inspired me to pursue graduate studies in the ECE department.

REN Da Wei David

BSc in Physics

I found that UROP was an invaluable opportunity to explore various fields of my interest. There is a vast array of subject matters that one could investigate. For example, one can choose to extend classroom learning by developing a suitable application. Alternatively, one could develop a theoretical framework that may one day be taught in a classroom. Overall, my UROP experiences improved my critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills. It has certainly affirmed my desire to undertake frontier-pushing research.

SORN Sopheak

BSc in Physics

UROP allows me to meet with my supervisor to discuss serious topics at the frontier of the fields of my interest and get to learn beyond normal courses. It has reflected my ability to think critically, to formulate new research problems, and to solve them. Demands in dealing with the research problems have pushed the upper bound of my knowledge at an unprecedented rate. All of these are very helpful for me to pursue a higher degree in the future. Because of these valuable experiences, interested students shall take advantage of this opportunity as much and early as possible.


BEng in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

I will never know that I like doing research that much if it’s not because of UROP. Through research, I can help to improve the quality of human lives; and oddly, I find it rewarding. People may say that research creates new knowledge, and I agree. But it gave me something more. It gave me the opportunity to imagine remarkable things that I never knew I could do until I did it. For me, imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited to all we know, but imagination embraces all there ever will be to know.


BSc in Physics

I joined UROP a year ago and it became an essential part of my daily study. Starting from scratch, I gained a sound knowledge of my research project and accumulated experimental experiences and data handling skills. In addition, by participating in research, I gradually came to understand where my real interest lies and what I wanted to achieve in the future. I also built close relationships with different professors and researchers. I recommend UROP to other undergraduate students interested in doing research. It will provide not only a new understanding of how research is done but also the motivation to develop individual potential and skills.

XU Minjie

BSc in Mathematics and Economics

UROP provided me with the chance to explore the topics that interest me. Throughout the projects, not only did I feel a sense of accomplishment but also gained a better understanding of my own interests for graduate study and future research. From my supervisors’ experiences and their mentoring, I realized that far more preparation, in the form of knowledge, communication, and time management skills, is necessary for further studies and training in academic research. UROP has been a convenient platform from which to figure out whether I would like to pursue a research career in the future, and in which direction to go. I am fortunate to be able to continue studying my field of interest after graduation.