Privacy by Design Meets Mobile Computing
Project Description

Various privacy issues arises in personalization services. As organizations may collect and exploit personal data of the users. To counter these issues research community have proposed Client Side Profiling (CSP) solutions. On higher level: these solutions allows users to process their data for profiling locally and only share minimal information with the service providers. In addition (CSP) also has important benefits when connectivity to the cloud is restricted or unavailable. As a result many big companies like Google and Microsoft is focusing towards implementing CSP on desktops. Our goal in the project is to verify the feasibility of CSP on mobile devices, this may include but not limited to: detailed implementation of CSP system, analysis of privacy benefits vs computational cost of the system, convergence of various data sources in mobile devices.

Course type
Applicant's Roles

Experience of Android Development. Familiarity of machine learning knowledge is a plus.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

This project has two fold benefits for the student: on one side he/she will gain details about privacy enhancing technologies, this may benefit them in future research or job career a lot. Moreover they will also gain insight of system research.

Complexity of the project