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Project Title:
Projects in Audio Signal Processing
Supervisor:CHAU Kevin
Project Description:Essentially all the sounds we hear from electronic media have been manipulated by digital signal processing. In this project, we shall explore several audio signal processing techniques, e.g., short time Fourier transform, wavelet transform, perceptual coding, etc., and their applications in sound generation, masking, compression, morphing, mixing and separation.
Course type: UROP1100 UROP2100 UROP3100 UROP4100 
Applicant's Roles:All work will be performed on a laptop computer with headphones for listening. Please bring in a strong appetite for computer programming and mathematics. Proficiency in Python and digital signal processing involving Fast Fourier Transform are expected. Some starter codes will be provided. 
Applicant's Learning Objectives:You will learn useful audio signal processing techniques and apply them to the sounds and music you choose, with opportunities for innovative creations and effects. 
Complexity of the project:Moderate 

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